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The perfect solution for your company


Our bins solve all waste problems. We will create an offer that perfectly meets the requirements of your company.

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Effective waste management systems


Manage waste intelligently. Thanks to the Idealbin intelligent waste collection system, you will save money. Check out how.

Intelligent bins – good business

How do we improve your business?

Idealbin helps you develop your business

While working on Idealbin, we approached waste collection and segregation in a holistic way. Thus, we do not offer only containers – we offer a system created for the most effective and easy waste removal process.

Our solutions are tailor-made for the needs of numerous business entities. Idealbin containers work perfectly everywhere, so if your company needs a highly effective waste segregation system that is intuitive to use – write to us or give us a call!


We offer technologies developed following a thorough analysis of the problem and market situation, tailor-made to the needs of the modern world. Thanks to constant content weighing, video surveillance and control, our containers help significantly reduce the space needed for garbage collection. It is a perfect solution for property developers, as the saved space can be used for other purposes.

Intelligent, green revolution

Idealbin containers comply with the most stringent environmental requirements. This translates not only into reduced CO2 emission, but also lower waste management costs. A combination of green roofs, photovoltaic energy and information technology contributes to the lowered cost of container operation – your company can invest elsewhere the money saved!

Lower the costs of waste collection

Idealbin is a perfect solution for waste collection and utilization companies. Thanks to built-in fill-level sensors and trash compressors decreasing the volume of the trash, it is possible to significantly lower transport costs. It has measurable impact not only on corporate finances, but also the environment.

If your company is facing a garbage problem and is seeking an efficient and attractive solution for it, Idealbin is an excellent choice. We offer a wide range or personalization possibilities, so we can create garbage cans perfectly tailored to your needs!