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Eco-friendly waste management systems

Smart containers for waste

Let’s throw waste wisely! Explore the Idealbin modern waste management systems.
Do something good for your community and the planet.

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Smart waste management systems

Automatic waste containters

Combination of ecology, automation, artificial intelligence, and cloud management. All of this to make waste management more efficient. For the good of the planet and for all of us.


This bin is waiting for your waste.


Our waste bins will take recycling to a new level! Intuitive labeling and accessibility for all will make recycling of waste even easier.


The containers are fitted with crushers which can reduce the volume of waste. Sensors that measure the fill level enable highly efficient waste management.


Container monitoring prevents unauthorised access. The bins are opened with an app, so you know what you are throwing and what you are paying for!


We cover our waste bins with green roofs to increase the biologically active surface. In addition, they can be powered from solar panels.


Idealbin is a response to many problems with waste. In cooperation with local governments, companies and residents, we have developed containers that meet the requirements of the modern world. We offer advanced, environmentally friendly and efficient waste bins which make it possible to have a world free of waste! Contact us today – together we will develop a solution to your waste problems!

Smart containers

Our waste bins are equipped with IT solutions that increase their efficiency. Fill-level sensors and a GPS system that develops a waste collection route guarantee efficient and trouble-free waste management. Automated processes that measure and control in real time ensure that waste is no longer a problem.